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Disqus App Configuration

To start using Disqus Login Button you should create a Disqus app and fill the according wpDiscuz options in Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Social Login and Share admin page (Disqus section):

Creating Disqus App

1. Navigate to https://disqus.com/api/applications/

2. Log in with your Disqus credentials if you are not logged in.

3. Click on the link “registering an application” under the Applications tab.

4. Enter a “Label” and “Description” for your App.

5. Fill “Website” with the url of your homepage, like: https://yoursite.com/

6. Complete the Human test and click the “Register my application” button.

7. Fill the “Domains” field with your domain name like: yoursite.com

8. Select “Read only” at Default Access under the Authentication section.

9. Add your redirect URL to the “Callback URL” field, where yoursite.com is your domain: https://yoursite.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpd_login_callback&provider=disqus

10. Click the “Save Changes” button!

11. Navigate to the “Details” tab of your Application!

12. Here you can see your “API Key” and “API Secret:”. These will be needed in the plugin’s settings.

13. Copy “API Key” and “API Secret” and paste in according fields in Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Social Login and Share admin page (Disqus section) and save options.

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