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wpDiscuz comment plugin settings are located in Dashboard > Comments > Settings admin page. The fifth tab is the “Subscription” tab. Here you can manage users and guests comment subscription options.

Notify comment author once comment is approved

Enable this option if you want let commenters know once their comments are approved. The notification email text can be managed in Dashboard > Comments > Phrases > Email tab.

Disable subscription confirmation for guests and registered users

wpDiscuz has double opt-in subscription system. A double opt-in means that not only does the visitor have to enter their email and click sign up, they also have to confirm their subscription via a link which send to them in a confirmation email. This is why many people say that the term double opt-in is incorrect, we should be using the term confirmed opt-in instead. However some administrators can say it’s not necessary for registered users, because they have already confirmed their registration so they are owners of their email addresses. In this case we added an option to disable subscription confirmation system by checking this option on. The subscription confirmation email text can be managed in Dashboard > Comments > Phrases > Email tab.

Show subscription types in dropdown

The subscription bar allows post readers to subscribe to all follow up comments without posting a comment. It asks for subscriber email and lets choose one of these two subscription options: notify of “new follow-up comments” and “new replies to my comments”. Accordingly using this setting you can show/hide subscription options in subscription bare dropdown.

  • Subscribe to all comments of this post – related to – notify of “new follow-up comments”
  • Subscribe to all replies to my comments – related to – notify of “new replies to my comments”

The subscription bar is located above comment list, under the main comment form. It opens subscription form when you click on “Subscribe” toggle.

Both notification email subjects and content text can be managed in Dashboard > Comments > Phrases > Email tab.

Show “Notify of new replies to this comment”

wpDiscuz is one of the rarest comment systems, which allows you to subscribe to certain comment replies. This icon-button (bell) is located on the left side of the [Post Comment] button in comment and reply forms. You can disable this subscription type by disabling this option.

This email notification text can be managed in Dashboard > Comments > Phrases > Email tab.

Cancel Own Subscriptions

Users can cancel own comment subscriptions using the “My Content and Settings” button located on top left side of the main comment form. This button opens pop-up window with a list of current user all subscriptions and unsubscribe buttons.

This button also allows Guests to cancel own comment subscriptions with email confirmation. Guests click on [Cancel all comment subscriptions] button and receive a “Delete all my subscriptions” link on the email address they used to post comments. In this way guests confirm ownership of subscriptions they want to delete and they do that securely.

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