wpDiscuz 7#1 WordPress Comment Plugin

wpDiscuz 7  is a revolutionary perspective on the commenting world! This plugin changes your website discussion experience and provides you with new user engagement features. It’s totally improved with brand new  innovative features bringing live to your website.

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What’s New in wpDiscuz 7.0

Multi Layout System

wpDiscuz 7 design is fully changed. Three attractive, modern and clean layouts are ready to use. You can even choose different layout for different pages and post types using custom comment form builder settings.Insane FFM threesome with hot chicks and a bodybuilder 12 photos what is gear steroids matt grimshaw: chorley bodybuilder wins three world titles and raises £1,400 for children’s hospice

Inline Questions and Feedback®

With the wpDiscuz 7 we’ve created a brand-new feature in commenting world and are excited to introduce you the Inline Commenting and Feedback. This feature is an interactive article reading option with author’s questions and readers feedback (comments). Now article authors can add questions for readers in any paragraph of the text and ask for feedback while visitors read it.

Once a question is added in article editor (backend), on article (front-end) readers will see a small comment icon next to the text part you’ve selected. This feature engages post readers inviting them comment and leave a feedback while reading without scrolling down and using the standard comment form. 

Comment Bubble

Comment Bubble is a real-time updating sticky comment icon on your web pages. It invites people to comment, displays current comments information and notifies current page viewers about new comments.

Post & Comment Rating

Stand-alone Post Rating

Before, you had to create a Rating field in comment form to allow users rate articles while they comment. There was no way to rate without commenting. Now users can rate articles without leaving comments. wpDiscuz 7 comes with stand-alone Post Rating system located under the article content.

Post Rating Based on Comment Rating Field

The second type, is the old, comment-depended way. You should create a “Rating” custom field in comment form allowing people to rate while they leave a comment.

wpDiscuz Comment Statistics

Now you can follow to your comments and comment authors statistic in wpDiscuz Dashboard. wpDiscuz 7 provides you with graphic statistic for regular and inline comments. You can choose time period and filter comment types. Also, you can see most active users and subscriptions in sort-able tables. You can sort users by posted comments, number of subscriptions, followers etc…

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Social Commenting

Even more social login options!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Disqus
  • WordPress.com
  • VK and OK

Comment Rich Editor with Media and reCAPTCHA

All these and another 100 core features in the FREE wpDiscuz Comment Plugin

Extends the native WordPress comments. All data are saved locally in your database

Super fast and light commenting experience. Real time update based on REST API

Social commenting through many options of social login and share

AJAX powered, super fast and modern comment form with custom fields

Built-in spam protection, reCAPTCHA and integration with Antispam plugins

Modern comment layouts and responsive design with a smooth user experience

Fully responsive. Perfectly scaled layouts on desktop, tabs and mobile

Real-time notifications with comment bubble and live commenting

Post and Comment Subscription. User following and mentioning

Template API allowing to customization almost everything in update-safe way

SEO-friendly comment system. Easy content indexing for SE crawlers

Comment Like and Voting system with different icon buttons

Supports multi-language websites. Easy translation and phrase changes

GDRP compliant, all necessary tools and options for privacy and cookies

Besides a hundred of core features, it also can be extended by addons

Fully manageable – 100 settings for 100 features!

Settings Home Page
Settings Single Page