wpDiscuz Plugin Support

wpDiscuz support team works from 6am to 6pm (GMT 0:00), we don’t work on Sundays. If you need any help with wpDiscuz comment plugin, please register at wpDiscuz Community and open a support topic.

wpDiscuz Addons Support

Paid Customer?
All question related to wpDiscuz paid addons should be asked in gVectors Support Forum. Please use your customer account and open a new support topic.

wpDiscuz Custom Development

Our experts can take care of all your modification work and bigger projects. We know our products inside and out. Please contact our Custom Development Team via sales[at]gvectors.com email address.

Before opening a new support topic

  1. Search the forums and Google to see if your topic has already been started or your issue has been fixed
  2. Do a search of our plugin documentation which covers many issues you may come across when using our plugin
  3. Update to the latest versions of your plugins, themes and WordPress
  4. Perform a conflict test – If you are not sure how to do a conflict test please see this document
  5. Deactivate all non wpDiscuz  plugins  (this will ensure site is as close to a clean installation as possible). If it’s possible switch to some default WordPress theme.
  6. Check site to see if issue still exists. If issue goes away after deactivating other plugins and switching theme then this means that either the theme or one of the plugins was conflicting with wpDiscuz. If the issue still exists then it is not a plugin or theme conflict.
  7. If it turns out to be a plugin/theme conflict, then you need to activate the plugins/theme one by one until you find the plugin/theme that causes the issue to come back.
  8. Once you have identified the conflict you can report the conflict to us.
  9. Provide links and screenshots so we can better understand the issue