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This filter can be used for changing the text, that displays the number of the parent comments that are not displayed yet on the “Load more” button.


Since 7.3.10 version


1. $commentsLeftText – The number of parent comments that should be loaded. By default the format is (X), x is the comment count.
2. $args – the array, that includes:
“post” key – contains the current post object or post ID
“user” key – contains the current user object or user ID
“comments_left” key – contains the count of the parent comments, that are not yet loaded
“post” => $post,
“user” => $currentUser
“comments_left’ => $commentsLeft


add_filter("wpdiscuz_comments_left_text", function ($text, $args) {
    if (!empty($args["comments_left"])) {
        $text = "[{$args["comments_left"]}]"; // in this case the format (X) will be replaced with [X]
    return $text;
}, 10, 2);

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