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Live Update


Live update options

With turning on wpDiscuz live update you should choose either “Always check for new comments and show update buttons” or “Always check for new comments and update automatically” type of comment list updating. If you choose the one with “update buttons” it’ll notify update comment list until you click on [x new replies on your comment] or [x new comments] buttons, like it shown on this screenshot:


The wpDiscuz 3 has a big advantage over wpDiscuz 1 and 2. Its live update is very smart and doesn’t overload your server even if you’re on Shared hosting plan and even your website is very active. However we recommend to monitor your server resources if you’re on a Shared hosting plan. There are some very weak hosting plans which may not be able to perform very frequently live update requests. If you found some issue you can set the option below 30 seconds or more.

Update comment list every

This option allows you control wpDiscuz Live Update requests frequency. It depends on your server resources. If its powerful you can set the maximum: per 10 seconds.

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