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Conflict [Solved] sticky comment icon on your web pages (Bubble) Position

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Please give me an update or guide for changing the Bubble position from the bottom...Specifically on the mobile user interface, the Footer mobile ad covers the bubble.


Please find the attached screen...

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The CSS code for changing the position of the bubble on mobile devices is as follows:

@media screen and (max-width: 600px){
     #wpd-bubble-wrapper.wpd-left-corner, #wpd-bubble-wrapper.wpd-left-content {
          bottom: 150px !important;

In general, you can use the CSS code below. It'll change the position of the bubble on both desktop and mobile devices:

#wpd-bubble-wrapper.wpd-left-corner, #wpd-bubble-wrapper.wpd-left-content {
          bottom: 150px !important;

Put the code in the "Custom CSS code" textarea, located in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Styles & Colors admin page.

The red-marked value can be changed as you like.

Don't forget to delete the caches before checking.