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Twitter login API Query

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I've just installed wpDiscuz on my website and I'm just testing the features. I wanted to setup the social media logins but have a query with the Twitter one. On your demo site when you try to login using Twitter, the below screen appears:

twitter api

This almost feels like you take over the user's Twitter account - is that list correct? According to that, you can follow/unfollow accounts, post tweets etc

I would have thought the permissions would be similar to the Facebook login:

fb api

If the API gives all those permissions it would probably be safer not to use it as I can't imagine many of our readers want to give that kind of access.



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Hi @twokam.

Thank you for letting us know. For our demo site configuration was wrong for the Twitter app, we have already fixed that.
All permissions are configured through the Twitter app. You can give all permissions you need to be granted to wpDiscuz.