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[Solved] Can't login using Instagram, OAuth Exception error

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Hi! Thank you guys for the hard work you put into this plugin. 

I just stumbled upon this errors related to Instagram social login. It used to work fine before, but now when you enter the credentials, it throws the following error:

{"error_type": "OAuthException", "code": 400, "error_message": "Invalid scope: []"}

After doing some digging, I discovered that Instagram has made changes to its Basic Display API. I did also come across a topic posted by another user here reporting the same issue, where he was told to set up the integration of the API correctly. I followed those steps but with no success so far, hence I am bringing forth this issue here. Moreover, I think it is worth mentioning that the social login for Instagram works just fine if the Facebook App is in development mode. So this issue only occurs in live mode. Could you guys please help me out with this? Thanks!

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Hi @delightyears

It seems you've not configured the API correctly. Please check the points and make sure you've done all steps correctly:

Also, you'll need to make sure the API is approved by Instagram.