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Using wpdiscuz binaries temporarily without a license

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Hi, people, hope you’re all fine.

Well, im hoping that someone helps me to clarify some stuff. The thing is that im starting a blog about web development based on WordPress CMS. But, for the moment, my budget is pretty limited. I have choosed WordPress as the CMS to work on the site because it’s the most budget-friendly option. As i don’t plan to spend on licenses on the first two months (until i start to monetize the project) i have been looking at sites that offer free downloads of the premium binaries. Off course i will purchase licenses later because i will require developer support in the process. From what it seems at first according to GPL License terms, it’s not prohibited to download the binaries provided by the developer and use them without a license. I hope this is true, because a friend of mine will share me wpdiscuz binaries cuz he has already purchased a license. Can anyone confirm me if i can go safe because i don’t want to run into any legal trouble, it’s only for the first months then i plan to pay for a license and be honest with the developer.

Thanks in advance