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[Solved] Trying something specific here with wpdiscuz shortcode....

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The basic premise is that I would like to have my wpdiscuz comment section to be based on 1 specific page. So no matter where I use the [wpdiscuz_comment] shortcode it would be for that specific page. The page ID won't be changing so it's ok if it's a fixed solution for all pages/posts.

The reason for this is that I've made a custom "sidebar" (as a seperate page via beaver builder) which will be the same for all my pages and posts and now I'd want to have the comment section in that sidebar.

If it would be possible to dynamically check which page the "sidebar" gets loaded on to than fill in the page/post ID so that I would have the comment section of that page/post would also be nice (not specifically for this set-up, but for future reference)

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Did you find out if this works? 

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You can use the wpDiscuz shortcode. More info here: