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Use object cache instead of file cache

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Hi. Is there a way for me to switch this plugin's cache to the Wordpress object cache system, rather than the file storage cache that the plugin seems to use?


We have a load balanced environment where file storage cache isn't that fast and has consistency issues if files are overwritten rapidly, but object storage (using Redis via the Wordpress cache API) is lightning fast and super consistent. I've looked into the cache class WpdiscuzCache, but haven't found a graceful way to implement this change without hacking the plugin directly. I'd love any ideas from the plugin's engineers!


This is the reference for the built-in Wordpress cache API:

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Hi jacobschwartz,

You can simply disable the wpDiscuz cache system, so it'll work as you want. The option that allows you to disable the wpDiscuz cache is located in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > General Settings tab.Β