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after years of know...
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after years of knowledge of the caching issue, there is still no other solution but do disable caching???

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Man, I was really impressed with your product and wanted to support your work financially, but when I published several important articles today, I noticed that your product failed to reproduce on the new pages.  Looking here for solutions, I see that the only solution is to disable caching on effected post types.  And also blaming the issue on SiteGround.  Friend, that was over TWO YEARS AGO, and still no movement?  

I understand that the siteground code is not yours to modify, but in two years I would think that wpdiscuz could have made progress.  Also, a WARNING that your product fails with siteground hosted platforms would have been great before I spent a day discovering what you have obviously known about since 2019.  

So tell me, if I turn off SiteGrounds caching, will this solve the problem and will my content publish with commenting intact?  

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We've just checked and don't find such an issue on our test websites. Seems something specific in your case. Could you please create a dev/staging copy of your website in some sub-domain, make sure the problem exists and send admin details to us? You can use Duplicatorto create that site.

You can send it to info[at] email address.