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Bug Some comments no showing on mobile only (after update)

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Hi. Since 2019 this is the first update that "broke" my comments. And only on mobile. In some posts the comments doesn't appear at all, in some it does. When it doesn't I cant even comment.

I tried to:

Regenerate vote datas and metas

Fixed tables

Disable cache


The comments only came back when I went to Options/Comment List Loading Type and changed AJAX to "Load with page". So I did, and it's working now.


But I would like to return to "Initiate AJAX loading after page" as a matter to render the page faster. It's a bug, right?

Thank you for your service and I wish luck trying to fix it.

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You have some js errors on your website on mobile devices:

Those errors don't have any relation to the wpDiscuz plugin. Once those issues are solved everything will work fine.