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Hello, I have an online academy. In each of the lessons (which are CPTs), I have activated wordpress comments below, which in turn are replaced by the wpdiscuz design/system. So my students can ask questions of each of the lessons. In each of those "forums", they use the "search" addon that wpdiscuz incorporates, to search for keywords in the comments of that lesson. So far perfect.

But now, I've created a page where I can embed a search engine so students can search for keywords in ALL the academy comments. After going crazy trying to find a solution, I've discovered that while wpdiscuz doesn't use shortcodes for this purpose, it does incorporate a "search comments widget" that can be added to the sidebars.

But finally I have been able to add it as a widget at the end of a post, which I will use as if it were a page. And it worked perfect.

But I need 2 things:

1 . By default, before searching for any keyword, it shows the first 5 comments. How can I make it display for example 10?

2 . When searching for a keyword, the results show avatar author , author name, lesson title (+ link) and an excerpt from the comment. How can I make that excerpt not only show the beginning of the comment and an elpipsis type "..." but rather show the part of the comment where the keyword appears with its "Highlight search text in live results"? Even, How can you configure the number of words in the excerpt?

I guess tweaking functions or css, or something... yes, it could not?

I appreciate the help on these two questions.

Thank you !

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Hi @jpn,

Please note all questions related to paid addons should be asked in the forum. Here we only support issues related to the free wpDiscuz plugin.  

The wpDiscuz Comment Search addon support forum is: