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Is it possible to remove the comment text field?

For my Wordpress site, each blog post represents an Employment Opportunity. The post's Comments are meant to represent an applicant's candidacy. In addition, upvotes and downvotes would indicate other users support for or against the "commenter's" candidacy. 

So ideally, the comment form would only consist of a button named "Submit Candidacy". 

The resulting comment would simply display the commenter's Name which links to their profile.

Is this possible?

If not, another approach might be to pre-populate the comment text field with something like "I submit my candidacy." And have this field be read only.

Perhaps if neither of these are possible, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated (alternative workarounds using this plugin, or recommendations for another plugin).


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The second way is possible. 

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Comment Form Settings admin page and disable the Load Rich Editor option. More info here:

2. On the same page change the value of the "Comment Form View" option from "collapsed" to "expanded"

3. Use the following js code: 

jQuery("#wpdcom .wpd-form .wpdiscuz-textarea-wrap.wpd-txt .wpd-textarea-wrap textarea").text('I submit my candidacy.');
jQuery("#wpdcom .wpd-form .wpdiscuz-textarea-wrap.wpd-txt .wpd-textarea-wrap textarea").prop("readonly",true);

Use the methods provided in this article: