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[Solved] How to clear out previous upvotes/downvotes?

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Can I reset the +/- votes on a post that is already published? People were abusing this feature and now I want to make it upvote only.

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We don't follow you well.

If you want to remove the vote data, use the "Remove Vote Data" button. It removes all previously voted values. The button can be found in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > General Settings tab. 

If you want to hide the dislike button just disable the "Enable down vote button (dislike)" option. The option is located in Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Comment Thread Features admin page. 

Don't forget to correctly configure the "Comment Voting Result Mode" option (on the same tab). Please read this doc: https://wpdiscuz.com/docs/wpdiscuz-7/plugin-settings/comment-thread-features/#voting-liking-buttons