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Can't Disable "Please Moderate" Notifications

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Hi! I have my comments set to be held for moderation, and that's all good, no complaints there, that's what I want.


The problem is that I also have BNFW (better notifications) plugin set up to NOT notify me when there are comments waiting moderation or when there's new comments.


For some reason wpdiscuz is overriding my BNFW preferences and it does not have a setting to disable those annoying emails. Sometimes I get more than 100 emails on a single day because of that.


How can I disable those "Please moderate" emails I keep receiving? Thanks!

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Hi @thesimarchitect,

Please navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion admin page and make sure the following two options are disabled:

Email me whenever:

  • Anyone posts a comment
  • A comment is held for moderation

wpDiscuz doesn't send any notifications if the users are not subscribed to the current post/comment.