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How to delete WP Discuz entirely?

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I've now been trying for 2 months to get rid of your plugin, it came with a theme that we are not going to use and frankly, the Dashboard notices are getting very annoying.  The thread I found on here does not work.  Uninstall comes up with a pop-up, I click OK, and its still there.  I've tried to select it and move to trash, still there.  I've even updated it, went thru set-up to USE it, in hopes you have a "DELETE" option.

I'm really tired of wasting time on a parasite plugin that won't leave me alone.  I just want it gone.  How do we get rid of it?

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Did you uninstall that theme?

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If you uninstall the wpDiscuz plugin, it'll be deleted from the website. Please record some video and attach it here, where we can see that the wpDiscuz is deleted from the Dashboard and it's still visible on the front. 

If you have some cache plugin installed on your website please delete the plugin caches as well. Also you should purge CDN if you have.