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[Solved] How to change font size of actual comments?

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I've just installed wpdiscuz, and find that size of the comments as they appear is rather small.. I searched the topics and found some CSS code suggested to change the comment text size, but upon applying it, found that it only changes the size of the text in the comment box itself. Once the comment is posted, the comment posts in the small size. 

Could you please help me with CSS that can change the actual size of font, for the posted comments?

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 12.53.39 AM
Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 12.53.52 AM


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Use this CSS:

#wpdcom .wpd-comment-text p{
     font-size: 18px !important;

The red marked value can be changed as you like.

Put the code in the Top Admin Bar > Customize > Additional CSS > "Additional CSS" textarea, save it, delete all caches and check again. 

Please don't forget to press Ctrl+F5 (twice) on the frontend before checking.

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@asti Thank you so much!! I've just tested it, and it works like a dream! You are amazing!