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Issue Displayed votes and comment time differs in two browsers at the same time

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I noticed that displayed voting counts and comment time differ when displaying the same page in two browsers.

You find two screenshots attached, one made in Chrome, the other one in Safari, both taken at the same time (22:58). Reloading the page in both browsers didn't change anything.

E.g. the first comment from "Thomas" has a vote sum of 15 in Safari whereas the same comment has a vote sum of 11 in Chrome.

Please note that also the displayed comment time differs. E.g. in Chrome the first comment is shown as "3 hours before" whereas in Safari the same comment is shown as "5 hours before".

Only non-authenticated users do vote and comment.

What may be the reason for the difference? Is there anything we can do to fix this issue?

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This is a cache issue for sure. Please let us know what cache plugin/service are you using on your website.