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I'm making multiple areas for viewers to leave comments for inline comments using feedback shortcodes in blocks (Gutenberg).  I'm also giving each shortcake a unique ID to keep the discussion separate for each inline comment.  However when you view the comments on the bottom its hard to tell which group of comments is related to which particular inline comment ID without clicking on "Read More> .  Is there a way to make the ID for the shortcade show, OR add some type of heading so the reader can see which particular section in the text a group of comments are referring to without having to click of the "Read More>. ?

Here is a screenshot image of some practice comments I was making to see how multiple in line comments with different ID's would look (I didn't keep it public because its just nonsense).

Screen Shot 2021 06 26 at 9.30.14 AM
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Once you change and make the IDs unique for each shortcode, it'll display some part of the section before the "Read More> link.

You can see it here: https://wpdiscuz.com/demo/