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WPDiscuz without Gravatar

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i'm using a Wordpress/Buddypress combination and registered users can use their avatar, that they have uploaded their self. To show recent Comments i use the WPDiscuz Widget.

How can i deactivate the use of Gravatar inside WpDiscuz, that produces a lot of slow requests to their CDN?

The build-in function to cache the Gravatars locally doesn't affect the external load after testing it a while.

how can i prevent wpdiscuz from using gravatar?

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Sorry, for the late response. 

Please note wpDiscuz just uses the WordPress native core get_avatar() function. It just displays avatars that are passed to the function.

There is no way to prevent using Gravatar. We may suggest you install some other plugin that adds some default avatars instead of the Gravatar. 

You may find some from this list: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/avatar/