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wpDiscuz installation has broken commenting functionality

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I have installed wpDiscuz into my wordpress blog (WordPress 5.5.1 running Penscratch theme) and it has actually caused the commenting feature to no longer work correctly.  I had to deactivate the plugin to allow users to comment correctly on articles in the blog.

It's hard to explain so this video shows what's happening.

Basically it's these things:

  • if I click on the leave a comment link at the top of a page I'm taken to the comment box and then it disappears
  • if I scroll down through the articles whenever I get to a commenting box at the end of an article it displays briefly and then disappears

There are some other odd behaviours but they are probably all related to the same thing.

Has anyone come across this before and know how to resolve it?

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Sorry for the late resonance.

This issue doesn't have a relation to the wpDiscuz plugin. The issue comes from the plugin or post that displays the posts. 

You'll need to find the problem maker by disabling the plugins one by one. Once you find a problem maker (plugin or theme) please contact them and ask how can the issue be fixed. 

The previous topis was already removed.