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set a max limit of comments that a post can get

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Hello, I’ve been enjoying the plugin a lot. especially the private comments. I’m trying to add a feature to plugin. I want the posts to be closed after that post had 5 comments. I want every post in the website to have maximum of 5 comments. after 5 comments, I want to hide comment form to be closed to users. to achieve this I used the code below, but there is a problem. this code closes to comment for admins but not to other users. how can I achieve this goal? Thank you in advance. Cheers. Baris

add_filter("wpdiscuz_form_render", function ($output, $commentsCount, $currentUser) {
    global $post;
   if ($commentcount = get_comments_number( $post->ID )>4) {
      $output = "You can't comment on this post since It already has 5 comments";
   return $output;
}, 10, 3);
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The code works fine. We've checked it several times. 

Please send the admin login details to info[at] email address. I'll ask the developers to check the issue for you.