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Hi everybody,

In 2021 i used wpDiscuz but later switched to AnyComment. I deleted all Data and uninstalled the Plugin. As AnyComment hasn't Had Updates for a Long Time, i switched Back to wpDiscuz.

On Installation though, some old Data was retrieved. For example, upon Installation, an old Avatar with the URL cdn.gooloocdn.de showed Up in the backend; a Domain, that hasn't been used since 2021.

Also it set back a lot of Comments. Upon Activation over 100 Comments we're missing. The newest comment was from the time around when i uninstalled wpDiscuz, so around 2021. I was Not able to find any newer Comments.

So it seems that, although i uninstalled wpDiscuz AS it says in the Docs, upon Reinstall and reactivation wpDiscuz was setup like it was 2021 again.

Now my Hoster and I are trying to get a Backup before i reinstalled wpDiscuz to get all those Comments Back.

But i need Help to completely wipe away, that wpDiscuz has ever been installed, so on reinstallation the same Thing doesnt Happen again. Is there anyway to remove each and all Data by wpDiscuz, before i reinstall it again?