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How to hide the comments entry form for a specific post type?

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I have a special type of posts where comments only published programmatically. Therefore, I need to hide the input form for this post type (show only comments), but the other posts have everything as usual.
How to do it?

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If it's separate post type just navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Forms admin page, edit the Default Form, disable it for the current post type, save it, delete all caches and press Ctrl+F5 on website front-end.

You can also disable the  “Allow Comments” option. This option is located under post/page editor in edit post admin page. Just edit the post and follow these steps:

1) Make sure the “Discussions” admin-box is allowed using “Screen Options” in “Edit Post” admin page:

2) Find the “Discussions” admin-box below and uncheck the “Allow Comments” option.