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Email Notification Translation Issue

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Thanks for the reply!

So it's indeed as I initially suspected. wpDiscuz is sending email notifications based on the user's languge (not site language), if that language .mo/.po file exists and the string has a translation (in my case done with Loco Translate).

We've already tested the Phrases functionality and that seems to work just fine, it's not overriding or conflicting with the .mo/.po translations when it's enabled in the plugin settings.

So that leaves us with the conclusion that it has nothing to do with how the languages are implemented, it's a "same IP address" or "cookie / session" and detecting current comment author issue. And since wpDiscuz is sending notifications based on the user language then the issue must be with the logic it's using to detect current comment author / current comments subscriber.

Can you please consult with your team and update the plugin's code (or provide a temporary fix, I'm willing to be the ginny pig since I'm still developing the website at this point) in such a way to make sure the email notifications are sent based on the latest data of the comment author or comment subscriber and based on comment author / subscriber email address and NOT IP address or cookie / session? It probably just needs a check or two before sending the notifications, to make sure the proper user is updated and it's set language is used. I didn't study the plugin's code for this so I'm not familiar with the logic but the team should know better where they can fix this. Maybe it's an internal plugin cache issue, or it's because Admin is logged in and XVanish is not (since it's not a registered user), I'm not sure, but it clearly needs some type of checking and enforcing somewhere to make sure it's getting the proper updated user data based on email address before sending notifications. This way the IP, cookie or session don't matter anymore.

Thank you and have a great day!

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