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Conflict with SG Optimizer Plugin - Siteground's inhouse caching solution

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Host: Siteground business

Theme: Genesis Framework + Child Theme - latest versions

WP Version: 5.4.2

Environment: Staging 

wpDiscuz Plugin Version: 7.0.3

Primary wpDiscuz Settings: "Initiate AJAX loading after page," "Lazy Load comments on scrolling"

Native WP Discussion Settings: Unchecked - Break comments into pages of '10' top-level comments



Thanks in advance for your team's input toward the WP community.

Moving on, I have read topics ini this forum raising the issue of caching conflicts and noted support's emphasis on clearing all cache.


Conflict with Siteground's SG Optimizer caching plugin. 


Comments loop—infinitely repeat themselves—with output dependent on the native WP discussion settings indicated above. If top-level comments are set to '10', then 10 comments will be displayed before looping. If top-level comments are set to '2', then 2 will be displayed before looping commences. 

Attempted Solutions:

1. Disable plugins independently to discover conflict. Isolated SG Optimizer

2. Purge all Siteground caching

3. Purge browser caching

4. Reload


wpDiscuz does execute as documented when SG Optimizer is disabled.


Additional trouble-shooting thoughts?


wpDiscuz v7+ offers a robust commenting solution, and we would like to incorporate it in the client's site. Any insight would be appreciated.




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Hi @cyborg88,

Could you please send the admin login details of your staging website to info[at] email address? I'll ask the developers to check the issue for you.