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Comment Styling Is Able To Be Changed By Commenters

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Hello and thanks for your work with this amazing plugin.

I am having an issue regarding comment styling (font, size, and color of comment text).

I have a default comment styling selected for comments that is used whenever someone types in the comment box and submits a comment. By styling, I mean the color, font size, and style of text. However, if a commenter copy and pastes text from a separate source, it uses the comment styling of the selected source. This allows commenters to manipulate/alter their comment to appear bigger or brighter compared to others, so now everyone is starting to do it.

I have tested this, and, for example, where the selected external text is a header, or a larger font size, or a different color, or even from within my own article where the text is not normal paragraph text, it will default to that new selected text styling in the comment submission. Then it will not follow my default comment styling (font, text size, color, etc.). I'm not sure why this is happening.

My question is—Is there anyway for me to require/demand the default text styling and override any copy/paste of outside sources?

I am unable to share the website URL as it is a private website. 

Thanks for any help you can provide.