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[Solved] Changing the upvote and downvote comment buttons?

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Hi I have a question regarding the upvote/downvote buttons, they are currently set to + and - and I can't find a way of changing that - ideally I'd want them to say "helpful" and "unhelpful" instead. Tried changing it with css by changing the wpd-vote-up wpd_not_clicked to hidden and using the :after thing but it doesn't seem to be working (it hides it, can't change it).


thanks for help in advance, 

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Hi @marigold91,

1. You can use "Voting / Liking Buttons" option. More info here:

2. Or below is provided an example you can use: 

add_filter("wpdiscuz_comment_list_args", function ($args) {
$args["voting_icons"] = ["<svg xmlns=' ' width='24' height='24' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><path d='M12 4.435c-1.989-5.399-12-4.597-12 3.568 0 4.068 3.06 9.481 12 14.997 8.94-5.516 12-10.929 12-14.997 0-8.118-10-8.999-12-3.568z'/></svg>", ""];
return $args;

This hook code should be put in the WordPress active theme functions.php file (more information how to add insert custom code):

Note: the code above is just an example. If you're not familiar with coding we don't recommend you change anything.

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@asti thank you, that helps!