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Shams Qaend
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I have an issue, our post authors are not getting any email notifications on any comments on their posts, topics, or lessons. 

The website is sending emails normally, if you hit subscribe or notify button, you get emails just fine, however, the author has to go to all his posts to follow any new comments, is there a way to automatically subscribe to them? 

BTW, I have the option to get notified on every comment turned on, even as admin I'm not getting emails.

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Hi Shams Qaend,

This option belongs to WordPress and wpDiscuz doesn't have any relation to it.

wpDiscuz has these subscription options:

-- Top Subscription Bar:
----- Notify of new follow-up comments
----- Notify of new replies to my comments
-- In comment form:
----- Notify of new replies to this comment

Sometimes the confirmation email goes to spam-box. Try to check your spam-box as well.