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wpDiscuz Inline Comments not working with Hueman Pro - Nimble Builder

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I bought full bundle of wpDiscuz and trying to use it on our website but have problems with Inline Comments which don't show while being inserted through Nimble Builder.

First, we tried to use it here: wpDiscuz review, without luck. Then we started to perform some tests.

This is the test page: https://intelligentcustomerzone.com/post-for-testing-comments/

The red content should have an Inline Comment, the same as line below. Contact form is only for testing if shortcode works properly as the red line - the red line should work the same as the contact form, but it doesn't.

I tried to fix it by following https://wpdiscuz.com/docs/wpdiscuz-7/getting-started/missing-comment-form/ . Unfortunately no luck.

I can see that wpDiscuz AJAX is modifying content because shortcode disappears and only text is left. When I make a mistake on purpose in shortcode for example I put [wpdis-feedback ...][/wpdis-feedback] then I can see this shortcode as a simple text.
This way I know that java tries to inject the inline comments but unfortunately it doesn't show up.

Please, help me to solve this issue. Thank you.

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