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After installing wpDiscuz plugin, the old comment box is still visible

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Hi My name is manju and i host a website called: mathomathis 

Today(26/06/2020), i installed the wpDiscuz plugin to my site, even after doing that, the old comment box is still visible, need support to remove it. I am unable to find options how to remove it.



File has been attached and FYI, you can navigate to the link: https://mathomathis.com/vastu-for-house-interiors-103-conclusion/ and check the comment section, there are 2 comment box.

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Hi @198709mk,

The issue comes from the active theme. 

Please see the solutions you can use to solve the issue:

1. Edit the template files and remove comment_form() function. Keep only the comments_template()

2. Hide the comment box via the following CSS code:

div#respond {
display: none !important;

Put the code in the Top Admin Bar > Customize > Additional CSS > "Additional CSS" textarea, save it and delete all caches and check again. 

3. Contact the theme support and ask them to solve the issue