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Use rating for a ranking page per category and Add rating to post title

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Hi, I just started to use wpdiscuz plungin. I have two questions. (I tried to find it from document but unabled to find)


1) I would like to make a ranking page with the rating, ideally ranking page per category.

2) I would like to show rating. 4.7/5 or <star icon> 4.7/5 to my post tiltle so that the list of my articles has the rating info in it.


May I know how to deal with them?  I'm a programmer but never worked for PHP/wordpress. I can try a bit. If you can provide some references or examples, that helps a lot. 

Thank you in advance.


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You should use the shortcode mentioned in this post: https://wpdiscuz.com/community/postid/1303/