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[Closed] Updating to wpDiscuz 7 Beta

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wpDiscuz 7 Beta version is released!

The stable wpDiscuz 7.0.0 version will be released in a few weeks. If you want to test the not stable beta version, we recommend doing that on a development or a staging websites.

Please follow to the instruction for a safe update.

1. Backup your Database

There are many options to backup your database. You can do that using Backup plugins or do that manually as it’s described in WordPress Backing Up Your Database documentation.

2. Disable all Addons

Please disable all wpDiscuz addons when you update and test the beta version of wpDiscuz 7. For upcoming stable version of wpDiscuz 7, we'll release new versions of wpDiscuz addons to make those compatible with wpDiscuz 7. All old versions of addons are not compatible with wpDiscuz 7, because of new comment layouts and template functions. In order to avoid errors we recommend update all addons.

3. Loosing old wpDiscuz template customization

If you don’t have wpDiscuz customized template files just skip this step.
If you’re updating from wpDiscuz 3, 4 or 5 versions to wpDiscuz 7, you should remove wpDiscuz custom template files from your active theme /wpdiscuz/ folder. We’re really sorry but you cannot use your customization for wpDiscuz 7. This is a major update with new comment layouts and template files, those are not compatible with old version of wpDiscuz template files. Use some FTP client or hosting service cPanel > File Manager tool to remove old template files. They are located in /wp-content/themes/active-theme/wpdiscuz/ folder.

4. Updating wpDiscuz Plugin

Download it here and do the following three steps to stat update process:

  1. Again, make sure all addons are deactivated
  2. Make sure you don't have a customized template files in your active theme folder.
  3. In Dashboard > Plugins admin page deactivate, then delete the old wpDiscuz plugin.
  4. Click on the [Add New] button on top of this admin page and upload wpDiscuz 7 beta zip file.

5. Complete plugin update with Update Wizard

Once the wpDiscuz 7 is activated, you’ll see wpDiscuz Update Wizard button [Go to Update Wizard »]. Just follow to this documentation>>

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