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Unable to view the ”Upload Media” icon in the comment form

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Hi Team,


We have installed the wpdiscuz plugin and we are unable to display the ”Upload media” icon in the comment form.

I have performed the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the forum, for this issues (including the https:// check, we have it configured it correctly), but to no avail.

We are using the Buddyboss theme with Learndash LMS.

We want the comments to appear on pages and course lessons and course subjects. The button is missing on both posts and course lessons and subjects.


Many thanks!




Upload Media icon not displaying
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Hi @monicaserban

Please note that wpDiscuz built-in media uploading feature works for default post types only.

There is an official addon for enabling "upload" feature for custom post types with a lot of

useful options - wpDiscuz Media Uploader


If upload button is missing on default post types also please make sure you've enabled 

uploading on settings page 


If none of above helps you, leave an example URL of a page you need help with.