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Some comments "awai...
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Some comments "awaiting approval"

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I've heard from commenters off and on for a few months now that they get a message about their comment "awaiting approval" even though I don't have any settings requiring approval (see attached screen shot of test comment I entered with the orange message). The ones that get the message seem to end up in Spam, but I'm not sure why.

Discuz awaiting approval

Based on a previous support thread, I've confirmed that there are no phrases in the Word Press check comment settings, so I assume that means this shouldn't be the reason for the problem. Ā 

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Hi @bttbn,

wpDiscuz doesn't have any relation with comment moderation. It seems you've installed some antispam plugin. Please deactivate all security, antispam plugins and check again.Ā 

I'd also suggest you read the following two docs, and check if you correctly configured WordPress settings: