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Question [Solved] Links do not have a discernible name

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I’m trying to improve the accessibility of your website and received a "Links do not have a discernible name" error in your PageSpeed Insights report. 




I receive an accessibility error - “Links do not have a discernible name”.

The links are associated with comments on your blog posts. They are structured as follows:

  1. div.tzwb-content > ul.tzwb-comments-list > li.tzwb-has-avatar > a
  2. <a href="https://www.kidsbookexplorer.com/animalia-graeme-base-alphabet/#comment-27…">
  3. <a href="https://www.kidsbookexplorer.com/don-quixote-cervantes-savva-brodsky/#comm…">
  4. <a href="https://www.kidsbookexplorer.com/alitji-in-dreamland-alitjinya-ngura-tjuku…">

These links are likely avatar images or usernames associated with comments on my blog posts and are causing the error because they don't have a discernible name, meaning they don't have text that clearly describes their purpose.


Is there a way to add an aria-label attribute to these links?

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This error comes from your comment widget. It has nothing to do with wpDiscuz. The comment widget is generated by your current active theme. You should ask the theme developers to extend the widget links.

Screenshot 2023 06 09 at 12.16.43

As you mentioned, the link selector is div.tzwb-content > ul.tzwb-comments-list > li.tzwb-has-avatar > a so it says the link creator is the tzwb.

wpDiscuz doesn’t have tzwb prefixes in classes.