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Adding wpDiscuz to Ultimate Auction

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I saw WpDiscuz allows adding to product pages but I am actually looking for a specific format. WooDiscuz allows comments after you click a discussion button but I am actually looking for a format that will show all comments at the bottom of a page without having to click discussions. I tried my best to search and find some answers, such as adding using the form and adding to a certain page but product does not show up. I've currently gone through all the settings menus to no avail. 


I am using elementor for headers and footers and the twenty twenty theme in wordpress if that helps clear anything up. 


Attached is a poor drawing of where I would like a comments section to go. If this is possible any advice would be great. I am in no way shape or form a good developer as this is my first go around with utilization of plugins in wordpress.






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Hi Walter,

You should customize the template file and put the comment part under the description tab.