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Adding [read more] manually

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We have several very long comments on our website https://tosavetheworld.ca

Up until the past two days, our comments sections had fully functional [read more] and [/read] links. These were inserted by hand between paragraphs so as not to break the comments' HTML.

I had reset a number of (unrelated) functions on our WPDiscuz dashboard. I believe this was why the manual [read more] links stopped functioning. 

How can I restore the [read more] function? A useful example of the problem is at https://tosavetheworld.ca/25-commonsecurity/ -- see the comment dated July 28, 2020 as an example.

Our [read more] plugin is RMWR. We have not previously had any comments-related problems with it.

Ken Simons, Toronto

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Hi @kgsimons,

Please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Comment Content and Media admin page, set 0 as a value of "The number of words before breaking comment text (Read more)" option.

2. On the same tab, make sure the "WordPress Shortcodes in Comment Content" is enabled.