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[Solved] wpDiscuz 7.6.0 is released!

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The new wpDiscuz 7.6.0 version is ready!

Update Notes:

1. Please don’t forget to delete all caches and purge CDN after the update.

2. If you have custom CSS code for fixing mobile view, tooltips and addon-related issues, please consider removing those after the update and check again. Some issues are already fixed in this version, and they may conflict with your custom CSS code.

3. If you’re updating from 5.X.X versions please read this topic:

Main Changes:

1. Gutenberg block editor integration.

wpDiscuz comments block can be found by searching for the "Comments - wpDiscuz". Please watch this small video interaction: 

Once the Comments - wpDiscuz block is added, you'll just see a demo of the wpDiscuz comment section. 

Further customization can be done in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings admin page.

The comment form layout can be customized in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Forms admin page.

Note: you can access additional settings using the Block tab in the right sidebar. 

2. Telegram login feature. 

Follow this instruction to get the Telegram API keys and activate the Telegram social login feature:

3. New hook: wpdiscuz_comment_form_args

Sometimes, you may need to change the attributes of the wpDiscuz comment form. In this case, we've added the new wpdiscuz_comment_form_args hook. 

Hook-related FAQ:


  • Fixed bug: Line breaks in textarea custom field
  • Fixed bug: some small bugs. 

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Posted : 28/04/2023 11:07 am