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Suggestion Please Update Replies/Thread Funtions To Better Display Replies

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Hi! A previous request was marked as solved, but it's not solved. I would love to see the next update focus on comment replies!


1. Comment replies should mimic the sort settings of the main comments. If set to sort by votes, then comment replies should also arrange by vote. 

2. Option to show limited comment replies. Currently, the options are to show no replies with a link to see any replies OR to show every single reply.  A better middle option would be to put in a limit. For example, show 3 replies, then show a button/link to load more replies (similar to the main comment button to load more).

Why This is Important
If the plugin yields comment interaction, then it can become very cluttered with replies. If the first comment has 50 replies, there is a huge scroll to get to the comment reply button even though only 10 main comments may show. But, showing all replies as links loses the feeling of interaction, which is what you want people to see/feel with comment sections. You don't get any sense of interaction unless you click the link. 

The proposed solutions above let people keep the interaction vibe, but with limits to avoid feeling overwhelming. And, it would show the top VOTED replies, so the ones that show without a click would be in theory the best answers.