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Overview article rating per blog post

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I'm not sure whether I'm overlooking something (I hope I am!). But does WPDiscuz 7 have a dashboard or overview of all my blog posts and the article rating for those posts?

For example, when I click Posts -> All Posts in my WP Dashboard, I get an overview of all my blog posts. One of the columns is the Rankmath SEO score.

In the same way I would like to know how my visitors rate my posts, so I can improve if necessary.

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Hi @itexperience-net.

Thank you for this suggestion, we'll take this into consideration for future releases.

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And after 2 years is it possible to see or not?

If not how to display it?

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You can use the custom code below to show the article rating in the post list: 

add_filter('manage_post_posts_columns', function($columns) {
        return array_merge($columns, ['wpd_rating' => __('Rating', 'wpdiscuz')]);
    add_action('manage_post_posts_custom_column', function($column_key, $post_id) {
        if ($column_key === 'wpd_rating') {
            $rating = get_post_meta($post_id, 'wpdiscuz_post_rating', true);
            if ($rating) {
                echo $rating;
            } else {
                echo 0;
    }, 999, 2);
    add_filter('manage_edit-post_sortable_columns', function($columns) {
        $columns['wpd_rating'] = 'wpd_rating';
        return $columns;

Important: The code doesn't support the code ordering by post rating. 

Put this code in the WordPress active theme functions.php file (more information on how to add insert custom code).