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Delete on front-end and Edit on back-end

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So we have Edit, Stick, and Close - these 3 options that can appear alongside the comments if we choose to have them.

I'm working on a small community website that will have comment moderators as a role. Yes, these moderators will have access to wp-admin and can search for a comment conveniently there, but I feel that it's much easier for someone unfamiliar to WordPress to just delete (Trash) an abusive comment right where they are.

Meanwhile, to Edit other's comments in my opinion should never be done, even by Administrators because it invades a person's space. 'Trash' should belong more naturally on the front-end as its substitute. 'Edit' would still remain on the back-end because of how WordPress capabilities is set up, otherwise it should be disabled completely.

Correct me if I'm wrong or if there is already an option to switch these two somewhere.