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Bots targeting discuz - probably a security issue

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We are super happy users of wpforo but are not using your discuz.

We just wanted to make you aware that for the past three days we are seeing lots of bots in our logs that are checking if discuz is installed (i.e. trying to reach "/wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz/assets/js/wpdiscuz-mu-backend.js")

This is usually due to the fact that there is a know security issue where they want to sneak in.

Maybe it's a know/already fixed bug, but bot traffic checking this is significantly increasing over the past days.

I hope this is valuable for you.

Good luck and keep on with the great work (especially on wpforo)!


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Thank you @stefanmeyer,

All security issues were fixed and wpDiscuz recent versions are 100% safe. That's weird bot checking has not any risk for your site and will disappear very soon. All WordPress website are under hard bot checking every day. There are millions of bots and spammers which are searching hols. That's why we do quick updates and fix all issues very fast.

Also, this kind of checking are performing by security services and plugins. So it can be security checker and reporter service too.

This kind of issues happen with almost all WordPress plugins, so there is no reason to worry if you’ve updated and up to date. Just keep updating your plugins and make sure you’re using the latest versions.