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[Solved] wpDiscuz [ wpdrating ] shortcode

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wpDiscuz allows creating custom comment forms with custom fields. If you have a Rating Field in comment form the rating result will be displayed for each blog post and page.

The "Display Ratings" option allows you to manage the rating result location.

Also, you can use [wpdrating] shortcode in post content to display rating average and stars.

The Shortcode Attributes are:

  • metakey - is the value of the meta key for the rating field. If you set it "all" the total count will be displayed. 
  • show-lable  - if you set it "true" the "Name For Total" will be displayed, otherwise, it will not.
  • itemprop - this property is being used for showing aggregates. If you set it false it'll not be indexed by Google. More info here: https://wpdiscuz.com/community/f-a-q/post-rating-using-aggregate-rating-schema/
  • postid - you can display the rating of the specific post, just insert the ID of the post as a value of the postid attribute. 


Full shortcode example:

[ wpdrating metakey="all" show-label=false itemprop=false postid="15" ]

It can be put in the post/page content, wherever you want. 

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