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Question [Solved] Is it possible to remove jquery at all?

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Hi. I'm was wondering if it's possible to remove jquery completely. Its heavy, and as I use twenty-twenty-four clean block theme, I do not have jquery in my site, and I would love to maintain it like that.

Problem is that I love WPDiscuz, and I would really love to discover a way to remove the jq lib from my website.

Thank you!

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We're really sorry, but you cannot remove the jQuery. 

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@asti thank you for your reply. 
I really think it’s time to move forward, get rid of JQ, as there’s no need for him anymore, with ecma 5 & 6 around for years. 
I’m using 2024 WP native block theme. It doesn’t use JQ, and I don’t intend to use JQ for any functionality.
The only reason JQ will load on my site, is WPDiscuz.
I will appreciate if one day you will announce a major update where JQ will be gone, for good. 

Thank you and have an amazing weekend.