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[Solved] How to show comment form (and reply form) before user is logged in when guest login is not enabled

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On many websites, you can enter a comment in a comment form or add a reply and only when you go to submit it are you required to login. This makes it more likely that people will post comments because the bar to entering a comment is low and once they have put the effort into entering a comment, they are less likely to leave when faced with a login.

Is something like this possible with wpdiscuz? As far as I can tell, if I disable guest posting, then the comments form only appears after I am logged in. Is there any way to actually show the form before login when guest posting is disabled?

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We're really sorry, but wpDiscuz doesn't have such a feature. This requires large changes in the plugin codes. 

We may suggest you enable the guest comment but install some anti-spam plugin to protect your website from spammers.