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Ajax Pgination Not Working (On Old Posts)

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I recently moved a site from one server to another, and, since the move, on any post that had ajax/paginated comments.. when you click the "load more" button, the button disappears, but, new comments to not load. The ajax response returns something like:



It's not getting a comment_list back, even though they are more comments.


On any new post after/comments that have been created after the move, the load more works fine. Is this a known issue/is there any way to fix this for the old posts? I also tried switching to the wpdiscuz ajax (instead of wp ajax) and I had the same results.


Note: This site has no caching plugins, it's also a private site so I can't really provide a URL that you will be able to view.

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Hi @shawninverseparadox-com,

It seems there is some issue happened during the migration process. Probably not all information was migrated successfully. 

Please try the solutions provided below:

At first, navigate to Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Tools admin page, select the "Database Operations" section and click on the "Fix Tables" button. 

Also, Navigate to Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Forms admin page, edit the Current form (if nothing is changed it's the "Default Form"),  just click on the "Update" button without making any changes, delete website caches, purge CDN (if you have) and press CTRL+ F5 on the frontend.